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The annual Zebra Music Festival will stage on Jinshan’s City Beach
from July 19 to 21 this year.







Day 1, July 19

1.Zina Punx, members of the band come from Europe and USA
3.Magic Bus: singer Dai Xin, guitarist Duncan from London & Liu Xiaobo from mainland, drummer Shingo from Tokyo and bass Fang Yong.
4.Teddy Boys: guitarist Won Yongjubyeo & Gimdaeyeon, bass Times Scintillation and drummer Yoon, Soo-Young.
5.Ma Haisheng
6.Khalil Fong from Hong Kong.
7.JPM from Taiwan

Day 2, July 20
1.Plastic Chocolate: singer Jung Jaewoo, guitarist Li Di, bass Ahn Sunghyun and drummer Wang Kan.
2.Yuguo: singer Xie Hui, guitarist Wan Li, bass Xie Jun and drummer Lv Wenjian.
3.Yao from Beijing: Wang Lu, Feng Xuanyuan, Zhang Jinhao, Guo Fei, Weichi Chunxiao, Huang Jiyang, 4.Diao Lei, Wei Jingmin.
5.The Space Pimps from USA: singer Rishi Bahl, bass Brain Caine and drummer Jared Rossoe.
6.Story Seller from South Korea: singer Binna, guitarist Noji, bass Hobak and drummer Jihye.
7.Ze: A5 from South Korea.
8.Siberian Husky.

Day 3, July 21
1.Yishi from mainland China.
2.GAIA from Shanghai: singer Momo, guitarist Jun and bass Chen.
3.The Deer Tracks from Sweden.
4.The Bottom Line from USA.
5.Popu Lady from Taiwan: Dayuan, Hong Shi, Yushan, Bao’er and Tingxuan.
6.Elva Hsiao from Taiwan
7.YiDA Huang from Singapore.


How to get there

Visitors can take bullet trains from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jinshanwei Station in Jinshan District to enjoy the Zebra Music Festival on the City Beach from July 19 to 21.

A non-stop train takes only 30 minutes to reach the destination while a regular train needs about 60 minutes to cover the distance as it stops at each of the nine stations on route. The line has a maximum travel speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

The earliest trains leave Shanghai South Railway Station downtown and Jinshanwei Station in Jinshan at around 6am, and the latest train from Jinshanwei Station to downtown leaves at around 9:50pm.

For self-drivers, they can take G60, then transfer to G15 going from Shanghai toward Ningbo and take exit at Jinshan New Town. Or they can take S4 and take exit at Tingwei ramp to City Beach.


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