Shanghai Charity Foundation Jinshan Branch

Address:555 Longshan Road, Jinshan District

Telephone: +86 (021) 5792 2390, 5792 2389

Shanghai Charity Foundation Jinshan Branch was established in 2000. This private, non-profit charitable organization was registered by the Shanghai Administration of Social Organizations and is protected by the Chinese law. The mission of SCFJB is to "support the old, care for the young, and help the poor."

The SCFJB accepts charitable donations from anyone in China or abroad and conduct charitable activities on behalf of the donors. It provides all kinds of assistance to the disabled, elderly widows and widowers, children in poor families and other disadvantaged people. It also builds and improves charitable facilities in the district.

Donation Account: 038589-00040022872

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Jinshan Branch, Xinjin Sub-branch