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China Peasant Painting Village

Address:Zhonghong Village, Fengjing Town (3.5 km north to Fengjing Town)

Telephone: +86 (021) 5735 5555

Local peasants add the crafts of dyeing, paper-cutting, embroidery and wood caving into the creation of folk paintings. The paintings focus on customs and working scenes of villages in realistic depiction.

The China Peasant Painting Village has been named "National Agriculture Tourism Demonstration Site" and "National AAA Scenery Area." The village is a gallery for peasant paintings from different parts of China. The village is one of Shanghai culture industry parks.

Public Transport: Take Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang Park Station, take Fengmei Line at West Meilong Bus Station, get off at Fengjing.

Self-drive Route: Take G60 Express Fenjing Exit, go in Fengjing direction, go along Zhufeng Highway to Zhonghong Village.

Local peasants capture their idyllic way of life by dedicating their leisure time in a special form of painting.(3 images)