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Dongrun Heat-Exchange Equipment Co Ltd

Address:75 Rongfa Rd, Lvxiang Town, Jinshan District

Telephone: +86 (021) 5720 7357

The company lies in the Luxiang Industrial Park in Jinshan District, about 300 meters away from the Ganxiang exit of G15 Highway, the country's longest highway.

The coolers, heaters, bimetallic tubes and elliptical tubes made by the company are widely used in the petrochemical, fine chemicals, food processing and power industries at home and abroad, and have been exported to the United States, Japan, EU and Southeast Asian countries.

Website: http://www.shdrun.com/
Fax: +86 (021) 5720 0087

Shanghai Dongrun Heat-Exchange Equipment Co Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of heat exchangers and air coolers for electricity, chemicals, food processing, dehydration and steel industries.