Shanghai Yongchang Middle School

Address:99 Fuxi Road, Jinshan District

Telephone: 6433-2621

Located in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai Yongchang Middle School is a privately-run middle school dedicated to the lifelong development of every student so that they grow up healthy, honest, thankful and good-mannered. Yongchang boasts first-class faculty who are respected for their high standards of teaching and ethics.

Yongchang is the only school in Shanghai that teaches golf in a way to enhance the overall quality of students. But it treats math and English as the most important courses in its curriculum. Classes on VEX robot, Chinese percussion music, Chinese calligraphy, and basketball are also taught to develop students' interests.

 Add: 99 Fuxi Road, Jinshan District

Postal code: 201508

Tel: 6433-2621