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Farms list of strawberry picking recommended by Strawberry Festival Jinshan 2015

1. Jinshan Strawberry Rsearch and Development Center
Contact person: Shao Bin,13162565893
Address: 8388 Caolang Highway, Langxia Town

2. Shanghai Canhui Vegetables and Fruits Cooperative
Contact person: Lu Huahui, 13564999998
Address: Group 1, Xinyi Village, Fengjing Town

3. Shanghai Jiayan Flowers Cooperative
Contact person: Xie Aiming, 13501808346
Address: 1799 Zhuping Highway, Langxia Town

4. Shanghai Minxiang Vegetables and Fruits Cooperative
Contact person: Gu Zhaofang, 15618602535
Address:6088 Jinlang Highway, Langxia Town

5. Shanghai Jiayi Strawberry Cooperative
Contact person: Shen Shengrong, 15957851333
Address: Yinlong No. 7 Farm

6. Shanghai Xinhe Vegetables and Fruits Cooperative
Contact person: Guo Hong, 18916718785
Address: 4001, Group 1, Xinnongwulong, Zhujing Town

7. Shanghai Baoqin Vegetables and Fruits Cooperative
Contact person:Lu Baoqin,13661517844
Address:Group 6, Ganxiang Baiyang Village, Luxiang Town

8. Li Yunchao Strawberry Garden (Former Chaoda Company)
Contact person:Li Yunchao,15026778887
Address:5078 Guanghui, Guangming Village, Langxia Town

9. Shanghai Qiangfeng Vegetables and Fruits Cooperative
Contact person:Wu Lianqiang,13901927725
Address:Bazi Village, Jinshanwei Town

10. Shanghai Jingui Nectarines Cooperative
Contact person:Qian Guiping,13621609306
Address:east of Longquangang Bridge, Puwei Highway

11. Shanghai Tingzhong Grains Cooperative
Contact person:Zhou Kejian,18016233839
Address:Hougang Village, Tinglin Town





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