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Seafood lovers once had to drive to Ningbo City or Zhoushan Island in Zhejiang Province for the
freshest, most delectable fare. Now it's at their doorstep in Jinshan District where the
Seafood Culture Festival gets underway.





Jinshan Seafood Festival starts

Jinshanzui Fishing Village in Shanyang town will hold a series of activities for visitors ...(more)

Fishery museum ready for visitors

The museum will open to the public free of charge after the Jinshan...(more)


Gorging on goodies from the sea

Visitors are flocking to Shanghai's Jinshan District, a new mecca for seafood lovers where the Seafood Culture Festival offers the bounty of the ocean, an unspoiled coastline, a fishing village, restaurants galore and plenty of activities.

The festival starts on July 15 and runs for three months through the middle of October.

The festival is part of the district government's bid to develop the area's 10-kilometer-long coastal line into what it hopes will be the New Bund of Shanghai, taking advantage of the fishing culture of Jinshanzui Village on Hangzhou Bay.

"Shanghai locals love seafood, but they have to suffer hours on the road to Ningbo City and Zhoushan Island in ...(more)


Jinshanzui Folk Culture Exhibition
Date: August 1 to September 30
Location: Jinshanzui Old Street
Introduction: The street is lined by buildings in the style of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, flanked by old fishermen's residences, teahouses, specialty shops and a fishing gear museum. The exhibition displays the special folk culture and the development of Jinshanzui Village with paintings and photos taken by local fishermen.

Jinshanzui Special Seafood Selection
Date: July 15 to October 6
Location: Restaurants in Jinshanzui Village
Introduction: The top 10 special seafood dishes of Jinshanzui Village will be selected and published in a recipe book “Taste of Jinshanzui” with detailed introductions on ingredients, cooking methods and the history of local seafood.

“Seafood Festival” Coupon Release
Date: July to October
Location: Jinshanzui Village
Introduction: Coupons for seafood will be presented in the tourist reception centers of Jinshanzui Village, Fengxian Tourist Bureau and City Beach, and visitors can also download coupons from the village website.

Youth Date
Date: September
Location: Jinshanzui Old Street
Introduction: A blind date activity will be launched in September on the old street, encouraging single youths to find love along the romantic ancient street.

Jinshanzui Mid-autumn Travel
Date: September 30 to October 6
Location: Jinshanzui Village
Introduction: From September 30 (the Mid-Autumn Festival) through October 6, visitors who drive to the festival can get gifts at the fishing village's tourist center and a free tour of the village's old street.


How to get there:

Tip: Driving is simpler and more direct than public transport.

By car:
Take G50 or S4 highway. Take G15 (toward Ningbo). Get off at Tingwei Road and then drive south to Huhang Road. The seafood street is along the beach on Huhang Road.

Public transport:

Take Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang Park; walk a minute, then take Bus Line Shimei (from the Meilong Bus Station to the Shihua Bus Station); then take Bus Line Xiwei to Jinshanzui; walk three minutes to the seafood street.


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