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I will be staying at royal tulip hotel for swimming world champs but would also like to get to the oriental sports center pudong new area - which is the best / safest way to do this ? please advise ?


If you are a participant of the game, the organizers should be responsible for transport between the two venues. Contact the organizers:

If you are a visitor, you can either call a taxi, by dialling 962288 (Shanghai Call Center), or use public transport. Since Jinshan is more than 50km away from downtown Shanghai and taxi fare can be very expensive, I suggest that you take a bus line called Shangshi Xian 上石线 at Xincheng Road 新城路 which is 8 minutes’ walk from the Royal Tulip on the Beach and get off at the line’s downtown terminal Shanghai South Railway Station 上海南站. You can then take a taxi to the Oriental Sports Center, which is 15-20 minutes’ ride.


How do we go to Royal Tulip on the Beach from Grand Mercure Zhongya by public transportation. Please let us know the train and bus to use. Thank you.

May I ask what is the last trip for the day from Shangshi Xian to Xincheng Road?

Approximately how long is the trip from Shanghai to Railway to the hotel?

2 more questions...

1. How do we go back to the Pudong airport from Royal Tulip on the beach by public transpo. Our flight is @ 11pm. Please also advise what time should we leave Jinshan to make it to the flight.

2. Is it easy to go to Feng Jing from the hotel? How do we go back by public transpo and how long is the travel time?


You can take Metro Line 1 地铁一号线 at Shanghai Railway Station Station 上海火车站站 (3 minutes’ walk from Grand Mercure Zhongya) and get off at Lianhua Road Station 莲花路站. Then change for a bus route called Shangshi Xian 上石线 just outside the Metro station, take for 33 stops and get off at Xincheng Road 新城路. When you get off you can actually see the Royal Tulip on the Beach which is about 8 minutes’ walk from the stop. Hope this is useful.

The last bus of Shangshi Xian departs from Lianhua Road Stop at around 23:30 daily for Jinshan. The trip on Metro Line 1 takes about 40 minutes and Shangshi Xian may take 80 to 100 minutes depending on traffic conditions. I suggest you allow at least 150 minutes for the entire trip.

For the 2 more questions,

1. You can take the reverse route of Shangshi Xian 上石线, get off at its downtown terminal Shanghai South Railway Station 上海南站 and change for Pudong Int’l Airport Shuttle Bus No.7 机场七线. Alternatively when you are back in downtown you can take Metro Line 1 and change for Metro Line 2 at People’s Square Station 人民广场站. Take Line 2 trains for Guanglan Road Station 广兰路站 where you can change for trains for Pudong Int’l Airport on the same platform.

The entire journey can take three to four hours and I advise you leave Jinshan no later than 6pm.

2. Feng Jing is a nice place to visit but it’s far away from Jinshan Town (40km away). From Dadi Road/Xincheng Road Stop 大堤路新城路 there’s a bus line called Fengqi Zhuanxian 枫戚专线 which takes 60 to 90 minutes to reach Feng Jing. Last bus returning to Jinshan town departs at 19:30.

If you want to have a day out at a nearer destination, we would advise you to visit Langxia Ecology Garden, served by a holiday shuttle bus line from Royal Tulip on the Beach. However, the bus runs only on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Jinshan Holiday Tourist Shuttle Bus No.1

From Royal Tulip on the Beach to Langxia Ecology Garden: 9:00, 11:00, 15:00
From Langxia Ecology Garden to Royal Tulip on the Beach: 10:00, 14:00, 16:00

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