New Chang Ling Hotel
Address:789 Fengwan Rd, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District

The hotel is a three-star resort hotel at the ancient town of Fengjing. The location is at the borders of Shanghai Municipality and Zhejiang Province, having Huqingping Highway, 320 national highway, G60 nearby. The hotel is 45 minutes' drive from do...

Qianlong Hotel
Address:3398 Jinshan Avenue, Jinshan District

Qianlong Hotel is a three-star hotel with combination of modernity and tradition. The hotel has 75 rooms and suites. The rooms are well-equipped such as domestic direct-dialing service, Internet, LCD TV. The hotel has three conference halls as well a...

Jinlaiyuan Hotel
Address:2525 Songjing Highway, Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District

The hotel was founded in June, 2010 and offers services such as dining, accommodation, entertainment and shopping. It is a three-star hotel and it has a AAA tourist scenic spot nearby – South Society Memorial. The hotel has 60 rooms, two conference h...

Shanghai Ashford Castle Hotel
Address:388 Hongqi Rd East, Jinshan District, Shanyang Town

Ashford Castle Hotel is a boutique hotel in Shanyang Town, Jinshan District. The hotel is beside the scenic Hangzhou Bay in southern Shanghai Municipality. It was also at the crossing of Tingwei Highway and Hongqi Rd E, having S4, G15 and 320 nationa...

Shanghai Jinxuan Holiday Hotel
Address:318, Fengyang Rd, Fengjing Town, Jinshan District

Shanghai Jinxuan Holiday Hotel locates in Fengjing Ancient Town. The hotel is an ideal place for accommodation, dining, business and recreation. The hotel features on Shanghai and Guangdong cuisine as well as food of local flavor.

Shanghai Shian Haisheng Hotel
Address:No.1 Lane128, Hangzhou Bay Avenue, Jinshan District

Shanghai Shian Haisheng Hotel is located near Hangzhou Bay. This 18-storey building is a three star sea view hotel. The hotel is located near the coast and Jinshan ferry terminal. The hotel has complete supporting facilities to meet the needs of diff...