Shanghai Nanshe Memorial
Address:139 Xinhua Road, Zhangyan Town

Nanshe is a progressive literary group that was active in the 1940s. Shanghai Nanshe Memorial in Zhangyan Town, Jinshan District is the birthplace of the literary group and is now a venue for patriotic education.

Jinshanzui Fishing Village

On the shore of Hangzhou Bay, Jinshanzui is a fishing village with a history of 6,000 years. It has more than 20 fishing boats and 150 fishermen, and several seafood processing workshops. Besides fishery, the village also runs a robust tourism indust...

Shiquan Vineyard
Address:Baiyang Road, Jinshan District

Built in 2000, Shiquan Vineyard occupies 100 hectares of land in Baiyang Village, Jinshan District. It grows new species of grapes that have never been cultivated in Shanghai using modern greenhouse and climate simulation technology. Shanghai Mayor H...

Huicui Garden
Address:208 Dadi Road, Jinshan District

Huicui Garden, a 12,000-square-meter green retreat at 208 Dadi Road, Jinshan District, was built in October 1993 after 18 months of construction and was opened to the public on the day of China's Double Ninth Festival. The classical-style garden feat...

Huayan Pagoda
Address:Songyin Temple, Songyin Town, Jinshan District

Located in Songyin Temple in Songyin Town of Jinshan District, Huayan Pagoda, which is also called Songyin Pagoda, is the only ancient pagoda in the region south of Pujiang River. In 1380 (the 13th year under reign of Hong Wu of the Ming Dynasty), a...

Jinshan Seafood City
Address:88 Tingwei Rd South, Jinshan District

Jinshan Seafood City at 88 Tingwei Road South is a 55,000-square-meter complex for dining, shopping, entertainment and convention. Its developer, Jinshan Development & Construction Co Ltd, is the district's only listed company. The Seafood City n...