1. Establishing a comprehensive promotion mechanism. Establish a sound mechanism for coordination and promotion. Firstly, Jinshan launched a joint meeting to optimize the business environment, and formulate a meeting system. The responsibilities of the joint meeting is to understand, grasp and inform the district's business environment construction work and situation and comprehensively analyze of the situation; The district will launch joint meetings, problem conferencing and assessment and evaluation of the three working mechanisms to coordinate and solve the district's cross-sectoral, cross-industry, cross-regional impact on the construction of the business environment of major issues; to supervise the implementation of the work responsibilities of departments with business environment construction responsibilities. Secondly, the development and introduction of the "Work Mechanism for Jinshan District on Promoting the Optimization and Enhancement of Business Environment Measures", to promote the implementation of measures to optimize the business environment in our area, giving full play to the advantages, improving weak links and comprehensively optimizing our economic development environment, through the work mechanism of "meeting, reporting, visiting, asking, evaluating, following," strengthen overall function and promote the implementation of reform initiatives.

2. Forming the policy guarantee system. Jinshan District actively takes initiatives to optimize the business environment, and constantly develop policy documents to optimize the business environment, forming the policy guarantee system, namely a “top-level design documents”, and “a rule of law protection documents.”

As for a top-level design documents, the first point is to formulate the implementation for Jinshan District on Optimizing the Business Environment to Promote Economic Transformation and Upgrading" (Jinshan Committee [2018] No. 29), implements 21 precise measures to handle pain points, difficulties, obstacles of business environment.

A rule of law protection document refers to the implementation Opinions of Jinshan District People's Court on Serving and guaranteeing Jinshan "Three Areas and Five Lands” Construction Initiatives and Optimizing Legalized Business Environment through 20 specific measures that gives full play to the role of judicial functions, to create a fair and just rule of law environment, standardized vitality of the business environment, livable and pleasant social environment, quality and efficient service environment, to accelerate the construction of "Three Areas and Five Lands” and provide more quality judicial services and strong judicial guarantee for "three Jinshans" construction initiative.

3. Continue to launch new initiatives to optimize the business environment. In 2018, two three-year action plans were introduced, including the Three-year Action Plan for Jinshan District on Improving Government Effectiveness to optimize the business environment", in accordance with the construction of the rule of law government, responsible government, service government, clean government requirements, and actively carry out the construction of government effectiveness, a total of 6 objectives and 26 specific measures. Second, the Three-year Action Plan for One-stop Government Affair Platform" through 28 specific tasks to "Internet +" as the support, promote further reform of government functions, and continue to improve the business environment. The three-year plan of action for the one-stop government affair platform includes 28 specific tasks, supported by the "Internet+", to further promote the reform of "decentralization", continuously improve the business environment, stimulate market vitality and social creativity, maximize the benefits to enterprises and people, and build a service-oriented government that satisfies the people.

In 2019, in order to further optimize the business environment and promote economic development, focus on the private economy and "one-stop government affair platform" and other work, the formulation and introduction of "Opinions for Jinshan District on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Private Economy," "Work Focus of Jinshan District in 2019 on Promoting the Implementation of the "One-stop Government Affair Platform,” and Opinions on Deepening the Construction of an Important Carrier of the brand of "Made in Shanghai" to Promote the High-quality Development of the Real Economy" and other documents.

Since 2020, Jinshan District continues to take measures to optimize the business environment. The first is to develop "the Implementation Plan for Jinshan District on further Optimizing the Business Environment" to accelerate the implementation of the Shanghai business environment 3.0 program related to reform and deployment, the development of "the Implementation Plan for Jinshan District on Further Optimizing the Business Environment" involving three major parts and propose 20 specific tasks. Secondly, the district implemented "the Action Plan for Jinshan District on further Optimizing the Business Environment." For the pain points, difficulties and obstacles encountered by enterprises, benchmarking against the "Shanghai Business Environment Assessment Index System," the Jinshan District formulated a special action plan to further optimize the business environment and introduce 41 specific tasks, including business start-up, construction permits, municipal access, property registration, government services and other tasks and works.