Jinshan Seafood Culture Festival (金山海鲜文化节)

Time: July – October | Venue: Jinshanzui Fishing Village

The Seafood Culture Festival offers the bounty of the ocean, an unspoiled coastline, a fishing village, restaurants galore and plenty of activities.

The festival is part of the district government's bid to develop the area's 10-kilometer-long coastal line into what it hopes will be the New Bund of Shanghai, taking advantage of the fishing culture of Jinshanzui Village on Hangzhou Bay.

Visitors can try varied seafood - fish, shrimp, molluscs, seaweed - in Jinshanzui Seafood City and along Jinshanzui Seafood Street, one of the oldest streets in Jinshan. They can get a look at daily life in a fishing village east of Jinshan City Beach.

Jinshan Flowers Festival (金山田野百花节)

Time: March – April | Venue: The festival covers many towns including Langxia, Luxiang, Fengjing, Tinglin and Shanyang.

Visitors to the district can expect spring blossoms, flowering trees, plants and vegetables, including fresh strawberries and vegetables ripe for the picking. Every town and virtually every farm house will be showing off its best blossoms.

As one of the city's biggest agricultural centers, Jinshan boasts more than 2,000 hectares of orchards and over 1,333 hectares of rapeseed flowers. Peach, cherry, pear, camellia, bauhinia and magnolia flowers are either in bloom or about to blossom, making Jinshan like a "giant garden."

Shanghai Jinshan International Beer Festival (金山国际啤酒节)

Time: the end of June | Venue: Jinshan City Beach

The beer party at Jinshan District City Beach features traditional beers from Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Some of the European breweries have operated for more than 300 years.

Every night, visitors can dance to music by European rock bands, gulp down beer and splash and in the water.

visitors can enjoy a liter of two kinds of German beer, a basket of German snack food and a container of Jinshan vegetable salad with a ticket.

Visitors can buy a wide range of Bavarian food, including sausages, bacon and smoked pork shoulders.

Zebra Music Festival (星尚热波音乐节)

Time: July | Venue: Jinshan City Beach

Visitors can not only enjoy the music carnival but also join more interactive activities at the annual Zebra Music Festival, including outdoor karaoke, beach parties, hot Salsa dancing lessons and American beach football. Classical films are also available from 5pm to 9pm every day.

Pop singers and bands will perform on three stages for revelers on the beach.

Water Town Wedding (水乡婚典)

Time: September | Venue: Fengjing Ancient Town

The wedding ceremony introduces the classic charm of south Yangtze Delta. Newly-weds can join the water parade along the town's river and receive blessings from friends and relatives.

Jinshan Food Festival (金山美食节)

Time: every winter | Venue: restaurants in Jinshan District

All kinds of restaurants provide various foods, especially the local farm's flavor.

Jinshan Tourism Festival (金山旅游节)

Time: September - October

The tourism festival drops on every autumn. Visitors can play folk games and join in the water town weddings.

New Year's Bell in Dongling Temple (东林寺新年钟声)

Time: New Year's Eve | Venue: Dongling Temple

The annual New Year's Eve bell ringing activity will bring peace, good fortune and best wishes to visitors.

Shanghai Lantern Riddle Festival (上海灯谜节)

Time: around the Lantern Festival | Venue: Fengjing Ancient Town

Riddle lovers from all over the country gather together to decode riddles written on lanterns. The No.1 riddler will be dressed in No.1 Scholar Clothing and take a celebrating cruise.

Jinshan Flat Peach Festival (金山蟠桃节)

Time: late July to early August | Venue: Luxiang Flat Peach Garden

Visitors can taste the seasoning peach, take part in the King of the Peach Contest and drive around the peach farm in Luxiang Town's annual Flat Peach Festival.

Langxia Lianxiang Festival (廊下莲湘节)

Time: October | Venue: Langxia Town

The annual Lianxiang Festival shows local village culture through playing folk game "lianxiang" and visitors can have a try on the game.

Visitors try seafood cooked by chefs who participate in a seafood cooking competition on Jinshan Seafood Culture Festival.
Visitors enjoy rape flower blossoms on Jinshan Flowers Festival.
Zebra music festival attracts pop singers to share their delights with fans.