Jinshan has enjoyed sustained economic growth in recent years and has improved its infrastructure and industrial mix. It is striving to achieve a ecological balance and a harmonious and prosperous society.

In 2012 the district registered a GDP of 46.7 billion yuan (US$7.58 billion), gross industrial output value of 133.9 billion yuan and fiscal revenue of 20.5 billion yuan. The district is building itself into one of the city's key development areas.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan," Shanghai's development will shift its focus to the suburban area, thus providing a new round of development opportunities for Jinshan District.

Advanced manufacturing and modern service industries will be the key to developing Shanghai's suburbs, including Jinshan. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have set the strategic objectives of developing high-tech industries and Jinshan will be an important base for this, which ensures an excellent future for the district.

A clear development plan and strong industrial base laid the cornerstone for economic growth in Jinshan, which is the country's major petrochemical industry base. Within its boundaries are the largest modern petrochemical enterprises in China – Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co - and the largest chemical industrial zone in the Far East, Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone.

Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai Fine Chemical Industry Park and the National New Material Deep Processing Park in Zhangyan are well planed with excellent infrastructure and supporting facilities.

Jinshan Industrial Zone
Jinshan District Business Service Center