Tradition local snacks gradually fade out and new food products become popular over time. Food is always regarded as one part of Jinshan's profound culture. What is the unique and hottest food or snacks nowadays in Jinshan? Let's explore the diversity of local food.

Fengjing Food

Fengjing Braised Pork Joint has a history of over 150 years and is reputed in Singapore, Europe and America. The cuisine won the gold medal at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. Other famous local food include Shikumen Rice Wine, Zhuangyuan Cake and Tianxiang Bean Curd.

Zhangyan Food

Zhangyan was famous for stir-fried shredded finless eel in 1909, and the cuisine has returned to the table of Zhangyan No. 1 Restaurant. Chinese Painting master Zhang Daqian once recommended the cuisine "Steamed Stinky Tofu with loofah."

Jinshanwei,Tinglin Food

The "lamb street" in Zhangqiao Village, Jinshanwei, attracts dozens of visitors. Tinglin Wild Duck and Tinglin Songyin Lamb, Langxia Scholar Rice and Tinglin Moon Cake are popular among visitors.

Luxiang, Caojing, Zhujing Fruits

Luxiang Town is reputed for its Flat Peach Festival and owns its brand "Huangmu." Caojing Town gains good profits over its watermelon. Besides, the area is prolific in the production of grape, pear, strawberry and melon.

Shanyang Jinshanzui Seafood

Shanyang road is the gourmet street features on seafood. Visitors can enjoy the sea view together with the delicious food.

Food is always regarded as one part of Jinshan's profound culture.
The new "Eight Delicacies" of Jinshan District