Jinshan District is vigorously modernizing its infrastructure and has upgraded local roads, telecommunications system, gas, electricity and water supplies, and sewage disposal system.

Environment: Green space now covers more than 37 percent of Jinshan District, which boasts numerous titles for being China's top 10 urban districts in forestation, gardening and public sanitation. Jinshan is a model district in Shanghai for civilization.

Living standard: Jinshan District is making efforts to usher in competitive industries and enterprises and skilled professionals. It wants to develop into a new seaside district noted for higher standard of living and competitive prices. The local Fengjing and Zhujing towns will become livable population centers with traditional architecture and modern lifestyle.

Health care: Jinshan District has 173 hospitals and clinics at different levels. Local residents can reach a clinic within 15 minutes of walk. The district has two C-class hospitals.

Education: There are 115 schools and kindergartens throughout the district, including a national technical school, two city-level model high schools, three city-level experimental schools, and one city-level model kindergarten.

Sports and Culture: Jinshan is a dynamic district with well-developed cultural and sports facilities and many events every year.

Tourism: Jinshan has numerous tourist destinations. The most popular ones include City Beach, Fengjing Ancient Town, Donglin Temple and Langxia Modern Farm.

Prospects: Located on the coast of the Hangzhou Bay, Jinshan District offers plenty business opportunities for investors.

Business environment for foreign investors
Power supply Main network 220kv and 110kv, distribution network 35kv and 10kv
Water supply Daily water supply of up to 300,000 tons
Sewage emission Daily pollutant treatment and emission of up to 380,000 tons
Transport Harbor Shanghai Harbor, Waigaoqiao Harbor, Zhapu Harbor
Railway Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, Jinshan railway, special lines for Sinopec and Petrochemical Park
Airport Pudong airport, Hongqiao airport
Main highways G320, Tongshan Highway, A30 and A4 highways
River transport Three fifth grade rivers and nine sixth grade rivers
Education facilities East China University of Science and Technology, Jinshan Middle School, No. 3 Affiliated School to East China Normal University, technician schools and training centers designated by Bayer and BASF.
Medical facilities Jinshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Jinshan Central Hospital
Hotels Seagull Hotel, Jinshan Hotel
Business cost Tax Local government grants beneficial policies in addition to those in national government's regulations
Electricity 0.885—0.293 yuan/kilowatt (above 110kv)
Water 2.15 yuan/ton for industrial water
Sewage 0.7 yuan/unit
Export Jinshan Customs Electronic customs clearance
Jinshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Timely service