Jinshan District is aiming to develop into an advanced manufacturing center in the city's southwest with a strong lineup of industries marked by innovation, green technology, international standards and intensive use of resources.

Efforts will concentrate on developing fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, automobile and auto parts, electronics, machinery, food processing, new textile, and service industries. The district encourages the application of new and high technologies in the fields of new materials, biomedicine, oceanographic equipment, new-energy vehicles, electronics and food processing.

Industrial parks are divided into three types:

The first type: Municipal industrial zones approved by national government authorities including National Development and Reform Commission. These include Jinshan Industrial Zone, Fengjing Industrial Zone, Zhujing Industrial Zone, second park of Jinshan Industrial Zone.

The second type: The supporting areas approved by municipal government including Zhangyan Industrial Park, Jinshan sub-area of Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone (including the chemical industry logistics park), Shanyang Industrial Park and Tinglin Industrial Park.

The third type: special industrial parks including the National Green and Innovative Print Pilot Zone, Shanghai Japanese SME industrial park, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Logistics Industry Zone and Jinshan sub-area of Shanghai Caohejing Bonded Area.

The general requirement is to promote the "four to improve" (improve investment amount, land utilization ratio, scientific and technological content, and resource use), implement the "four to eliminate" (firmly eliminate high-energy-consumption enterprises, heavy-polluting enterprises, enterprises in restricted industries and enterprises without safety guarantees) and to guarantee the "four elements" (tax, employment, environmental protection, science and technology).

Industrial projects are channeled to the industrial parks to fully make use of resources. Through industry guidance and policy control, enterprises are encouraged to stop the production of the products listed in the "four to eliminate" and encourage high-tech and urban-oriented industries.

1. Focus on the development and construction of three municipal-level industrial zones as important pillars of the economy in Jinshan District.

2. Set up the second park of Jinshan Industrial Zone and Jinshan sub-area of Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone according to high planning and construction standards to make it a complete petrochemical product service area.

3. For enterprises not included in industrial parks, encourage the owners to move to industrial parks according to the principle of "controlling overall capacities and improving quality."

4. Newly established industrial projects must settle in industrial parks according to the plan and support them with policies and assistance.