Jinshan is internationally known as a famous venue of the SWATCH FIVB World Beach Volleyball Tournament. Every May, the tournament is held at Jinshan City Beach, drawing many spectators from Shanghai and beyond. Sunshine, white sand and a blue sea make it a perfect weekend getaway.

The Jinshan City Beach along the Hangzhou Bay in Jinshan District is the closest beach resort to downtown Shanghai. It is about one hour's drive from the central People's Square via Highway A4.

Beach volleyball originated in 1920 in California and spread to Europe in 1927. But the first international beach volleyball tournament didn't take place until 1986 thanks to a group of Brazilian players. In 1992, the FIVB (Federation International de Volleyball) set up the Beach Volleyball Department and at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics the beach volleyball became an official event. The SWATCH Tournament is one of the most important FIVB events and is into its seventh year this year.

Jinshan City Beach has been touted as one of the most beautiful venues in the world by the FIVB officials and players. The tournament is also played in Paris, Moscow, Osaka, Milan, Madrid and Phuket Island. Jinshan has given the world numerous surprises in the past six games and has fueled the passion for beach volleyball in China.

Besides, the annual International Music and Fireworks Festival, Zebra Music Festival and newly launched International Beer Festival have all become highlights of the City Beach.

Every May, the SWATCH FIVB World Beach Volleyball Tournament is held at Jinshan City Beach.
Jinshan International Music and Fireworks Festival