Jinshan District has a sub-tropical southeast monsoon climate with four distinctive seasons. The land is suitable for a large variety of plants.

Jinshan is a model in construction of the new countryside in Shanghai, and a forerunner in the construction of modern agricultural zones. To enhance the development of modern agriculture, Jinshan District is currently striving to promote the construction of "one core, one group, four belts and 10 bases".

One core is namely Jinshan Modern Agricultural Park; one group is a 153-square-kilometer demonstration area productive and ecological agriculture; "four belts" are fruit, quality vegetables, high-tech agriculture and tourism.

"10 bases" involve high-quality grain production, vegetable production, seeds cultivation, fruit production, fisheries breeding, agricultural food processing, dairy farming, pigeon raising, pig breeding and goat breeding.

"High-quality rice, green vegetables, fruits, special fisheries" are the four leading agricultural sections in Jinshan, where "Shanghai Yinlong" vegetables, Caojing special aquatics and "Duolisheng" melons, Lvxiang "Imperial Mother" peaches, Tinglin "A Qiang" lambs are increasingly popular as agricultural brands.

At the same time, Zhonghong Village at Fengjing Town, Zhonghua Village at Langxia Town, Jinshan Rural Xintiandi and Caojing Recreational Water Village have been built into ecological leisure resorts with distinctive regional characteristics. Modern agriculture in Jinshan is becoming more productive and eco-friendly.

Blooming rape flower fields are typical views of Jinshan's countryside in mid spring.