Jinshan builds farm food culture

Feb 21, 2010

Photo shows four of the "New Eight Special Dishes" - salted vegetable with chicken; duck in soy sauce; big egg jiaozi; stewed carp with scallions and stuffed minced mutton
Photo shows four of the "New Eight Special Dishes" - radish cooked with pork bones; pressed vegetables, pork and mushroom; omelette with bacon, radish balls and baby cabbage; cooked eggplant
Two dim sums: Langxia's Chinese pastry and dumplings (tangyuan) made with sweet rice filled with pork and mustard.

In the recent fourth Jinshan Food Festival, 30 local farmers' specialty dishes were named "Expo Featured Food." To provide better services during the six-month Expo, Jinshan District also introduced "New Eight Special Dishes" to foster a green and healthy food culture with Jinshan flavor.

Jinshan District Tourism Bureau will launch a campaign to collect interesting names for these "New Eight Special Dishes." The name-that-dish activity aims to promote Jinshan's tourism industry.