Jinshan Spring Festival programs entertain visitors

Feb 21, 2010

Tourists watch a painter at work.
Launching a Kongming Lantern, a kind of unmanned hot air balloon.

During the Spring Festival holiday, many people thronged to traditional Lunar New Year activities in Jinshan District.

On New Year's Eve, visitors welcomed the arrival of the Year of the Tiger as they listened to the bell toll in Donglin Temple in Jinshan. Some people expressed their prayers in an ancient way - releasing hot air-filled Kongming Lanterns. They hoped the flying lamps would take their wishes to heaven and their prayers would be realized.

Since the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2010 fell on Valentine's Day, Jinshan prepared special programs for lovebirds.

In Fengjing Town, lovers purchased locks and hung them about to "lock in" their happiness and romance. Sweethearts also walked on a bridge leading to a Guanyin temple where they prayed to the goddess to bless their relationship.

During the Chinese New Year Golden Week, visitors enjoyed rural life in Jinshan. They took part in competitions such as snail-eating, painting and paper-cutting. Tourists were welcomed in farmers' homes to appreciate peach blossoms and pick strawberries.

Dining family-style in farmers' kitchens has become trendy. Expo Farmers' Homes presented new creations, "New Eight Special Dishes," to diners as a tasty New Year's gift. In Liangxia Town, all the rooms in 23 rural cottages were booked before the Spring Festival.