Passage ensures safe railway crossing for Jinshan residents

Nov 25, 2021

Around 30,000 people in the north of a railway line find it safer and more convenient to cross the line as a new passage of Jinshan Railway has been put into use.

Earlier, it took residents and passers-by at least 20 minutes to cross the line, now the time has been shortened to around five minutes.

The Pusu railway branch of Jinshan Railway was put into operation in the 1970s. Nowadays only one or two carriages pass by the railway branch each day. In the north of the branch there are five residential areas, however, the wet market, supermarkets and schools are all to the south of it.

There was only one passage underneath the line and it took more than half an hour for some residents to cross it. Some residents used to take shortcuts by breaking the fences and walking along the railway, which was dangerous.

A rectification plan was made under the leadership of Liu Jian, Party secretary of Jinshan District, with the support from the Shanghai Railway Bureau. And the passage opened in July, covering 1.5 kilometers along the line.