Trio of district officials help Jinshan villagers boost income

Oct 12, 2021

Three officials from Xuhui and Jinshan districts are helping residents of three Jinshan villages to increase their income and improve their livelihoods.

Shi Delong, 61, sold nearly 10,000 kilograms of colorful rice to 1,381 clients across China during the National Day holiday with the help of Zhao Xiaobin from the Xuhui District Civil Affairs Bureau.

"I'm very much grateful for Zhao as he not only resolved the sales channel issue of colorful rice, but also helped me to change my management ideas completely," said Shi, all smiles. In previous years, he had to spend almost one year to sell the colorful rice through traditional sales channels.

Zhao was designated to Changxing Village of Sanyang Town in Jinshan in March. He visited the villagers and had discussions with village officials after arriving.

"Although Zhao is from downtown Xuhui District, he worked and labored with us, and he tried all means to help the villagers," Jin Tao, director of the CPC Changxing Village Committee, said.

Zhao bought some gifts when visiting two students from families with financial difficulties. And he managed to attract 100,000 yuan (US$15,384.62) in sponsorship for the construction of a pocket park in the village.

With Zhao coordinating, village officials got a chance to visit the Eastern China headquarters of Tencent Group, a top internet giant in China, and the Hongmei Home Commonweal Service Center, both in Xuhui.

The other two officials helping the villagers are: Liu Zhiyong from the Jinshan market watchdog and Zhu Wenxian from the Jinshan Planning and Natural Reserve Bureau.