Jinshan checks facilities at 20 schools to ensure clean drinking water

Sep 28, 2021

The Jinshan Center for Disease Control and Prevention has checked direct water drinking facilities in 20 schools across the suburban district.

A total of 40 checking spots have been set up, two checking spots for each school picked up by the sampling staff randomly.

Water samples are collected, sealed, labeled and recorded at the site, and they are sent to laboratories for analysis in time to provide evidence for the management of direct drinking water on campuses.

Direct drinking water refers to the use of direct drinking water production equipment to treat municipal tap water through technical methods such as pretreatment, sterilization and reverse osmosis, and the water quality is effectively improved after treatment.

The Jinshan Center for Disease Control and Prevention will test and analyze the collected school water samples. The test indicators include a total of 36 items such as microorganisms, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. The process will be completed within one week.

At Tinglin Elementary School, workers clean and disinfect drinking fountains, faucets and pools every day, and the school invites third-party testing agencies to conduct direct drinking water testing every week and month, and make relevant records.

An increasing number of kindergartens, primary schools and high schools in Jinshan have installed direct drinking water facilities to make it safe and convenient for teachers and students.

Schools failing the drinking water quality checks will be reported to the municipal center for disease control and prevention to take further measures.