Scenic spots, public venues closed as typhoon approaches

Sep 13, 2021

All scenic spots and public cultural venues in Jinshan have been closed as the city braces for Typhoon Chanthu.

The operation of Jinshan railway linking the downtown with Jinshan has also been suspended due to the approaching 14th typhoon of the year.

All high schools, primary schools and kindergartens should be closed from noon today to ensure safety. A total of 16,875 people have been identified and should be relocated by noon as well.

Shanghai's flood prevention office has asked all primary and middle schools, as well as kindergartens, to suspend classes on Monday afternoon and Tuesday to avoid the extreme weather expected as a result of Typhoon Chanthu.

The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau has upgraded the typhoon alert to orange, second highest of a four-level system, as Chanthu approached. Local weather authorities have also issued lightning and rain alerts.

Chanthu is moving towards the city and is expected to pass or make a landfall in east Shanghai on Monday evening.