Shanghai Petro launches demo photovoltaic power station

Aug 27, 2021

A demonstration photovoltaic power station, with an installed capacity of 400 kilowatts, was put into operation for power generation at Shanghai Petrochemical Corp. on August 25, reducing carbon emissions by 341 tons a year.

This is the first new energy pilot project of Shanghai Petrochemical Corp.

With an average annual power generation of about 400,000kwh, the photovoltaic power generation facility is built on the roof of the 220kV power distribution room of Shanghai Petrochemical's thermal power department, covering an area of about 1,800 square meters.

According to Shanghai Petrochemical's development plan for new energy during the 14th five-year period from 2021 to 2025, the company will also use coastal beaches and idle roofs to build photovoltaic power generation devices of more than 50MW, and actively use offshore wind power.