Jinshan launches vaccination for youth

Aug 16, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination for youth aged between 15 and 17 was launched in Jinshan District at the weekend.

Students and parents need to produce their ID card, health QR code and travel code to take the vaccination at Jinshan Stadium and Jinshan Sports Center.

Shanghai began vaccinating Chinese mainlanders aged between 15 and 17 from August 12.

According to the leadership office for COVID-19 prevention and control in Shanghai, parents or guardians can book vaccinations for the juveniles via the health cloud app, or jiankangyun in Chinese. The child should be accompanied by a parent or a guardian to the reserved vaccination site at the appointed time.

Vaccination schedule for mainlanders aged 12 to 14 will be announced later as will arrangements for foreigners, residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, as well as overseas Chinese.

There are two kinds of inactivated vaccines available for the youth. One is a Sinopharm vaccine developed by Beijing Bio-Institute of Biological Products Co Ltd, a subsidiary of China National Biotec Group, and the other is produced by Sinovac Biotech. Both require two shots.