Renovation of Shengli New Estate completed

Aug 16, 2021

The renovation of Shengli New Estate at Zhujing Town has been completed, benefiting 2,871 households.

The renovation project started last November, covering a total of three residential areas – Linyuan No. 1 Estate, the north part of Linyuan No. 2 Estate and Shengli New Estate.

"The renovation is great as it has not only provided an exterior facelift but also repaired roads and set up new facilities inside the communities to make our life safer and more convenient," a woman surnamed Wang in Shengli New Estate said.

Shengli New Estate was set up in the 1990's with 679 households and more than 1,200 residents. It's one of the oldest for-sale public houses set up in Zhujing Town.

The Zhujing Township government launched the renovation work in 2015, completing repairs for a total of 823,681 square meters, benefiting 12,745 households, so far.

During the next five years, Zhujing plans to continue the renovation project, covering 46 residential areas with a total area of over 700,000 square meters.