Annual Shiquan Grape Festival is ripe for tasting

Aug 2, 2021

The annual Shiquan Grape Festival opened at Shiquan Grape Farm in Jinshan District with a dozen grape species available.

Shenhua species is the newest to hit the market with juicy, rich taste, and the weight of each grape can reach 20 grams, double the normal grapes in the market, according to Lu Yujin, chairman of Shanghai Shiquan Grape Cooperative.

Shiquan Grape Cooperative is one of the largest grape farms in Shanghai.

Shiquan grapes are the best in quality and Shiquan has become a popular brand which can rival Malu, another famous grape brand from Jiading District. Jinshan grape farmers have received support from experts of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the suburban district's grape research center.

How to get there:

• Take Lianlang Bus Line at Lianhua Road Station of Metro Line 1, get off at Luxiang Town, then take Luxiang No. 1 Bus to Shiquan Grape Farm.
• Drive southbound via Highway S20, then Highway G60 and G15 and exit G15 at Jinshan Industrial Park, turn to Zhulu Road, then Jinshi Road and drive for 2 kilometers, make a turn to the right and drive for another 1.5km to find Shiquan Grape Garden on the right side.