Fruits of Jinshan's farmers' labor on show

Jul 27, 2021

Fruit grown in Jinshan

Farmers from Jinshan have hurried to sell local fruit ahead of Typhoon In-Fa.

More than 20 stalls selling a variety of specialties from Jinshan, including peaches, melons and grapes, were put up in the outdoor square of The Place in Changning District on Friday. Within several hours, the fruit was sold out.

Handicrafts from Jinshan were also showcased, and local intangible cultural heritages such as traditional waist drum performances were staged, bringing rustic charm to the downtown commercial zone.

According to Jinshan's agricultural commission, the fair helped local farmers sell their produce quickly to avoid potential losses caused by the typhoon. It also created a platform to promote Jinshan's fruit. Across the district, all supermarkets have closed and all bus lines have suspended operation after the emergency level was upgraded.

"We hope to explore the integrated development of commerce, agriculture, culture and tourism," said Jiang Jinhong, vice manager of The Place.

"In June, we cooperated with Jinshan to organize a rural tour for urban children. They picked fruit, tasted local food and made homespun clothes, among other activities."