Jinshan District upgrades emergency response level

Jul 26, 2021

Workers pump water from Yingwuzhou Wetland in Jinshan District.

The approaching typhoon has triggered the highest emergency response level in Jinshan District.

Typhoon In-Fa hit land in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, around noon on Sunday, and it is expected to linger on China's east coast, possibly making a second landfall in Shanghai.

At 3pm, it arrived only 120 kilometers southeast from Jinshan, and it is moving northwest at a speed of around 15 kilometers per hour. It is very likely to land somewhere between Jiaxing's Haiyan and Shanghai's Jinshan late night on Sunday or early morning of Monday, according to the city's weather forecasters.

As a result, at 4pm, Jinshan upgraded the emergency response level to level one, the highest in the system. It has asked educational institutions, companies and factories to suspend operations.

From 8pm on Friday to 5pm on Sunday, Jinshan has received precipitation from 103.2 to 194.5 millimeters, with the biggest rainfall recorded on Jinshui Lake. Strong winds are whipping across the district, mostly with speeds from 17 to 25 meters per second. The Shuiku Village has been hit by gales gusting up to 29.3 meters per second.

According to the district's flood prevention office, several areas are expected to see water levels at historical high early Monday. In particular, water levels in Jinshanzui may reach 6.65 meters high, exceeding the warning level of 5.4 meters high and the historical record of 6.57 meters high.

So far, the district has evacuated more than 280,000 people to safety. It has 279 temporary shelters which are able to accommodate more than 37,000 people. Security, medical and other services are in place.

Also, it has prepared four high-power pumping vehicles, 334 mobile water pumps, 7,120 suction pumps especially for underground spaces in residential complexes, as well as 90,000 sandbags and more than 2,000 emergency experts.