Mouth-watering trips for grape lovers

Aug 8, 2016

Children are excited to show the ripened Shiquan grapes in Jinshan District, where the Shiquan Grape Festival is underway through the end of this month. People can pick, taste and purchase the famed grapes during the festival.
Tourists are invited to try the fruit picking fun during the grape festival.
Shiquan grapes feature consistency in size and taste.

SUMMER is a season of bountiful fresh fruit and the time for the Shiquan Grape Festival in Jinshan District. People can pick, taste and purchase the famed Shiquan grapes during the festival that runs until the end of this month.

The best Shiquan grapes are grown in Luxiang Town and local farmers get support from experts with the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Jinshan Grape Cultivation Center.

All Shiquan grapes are produced with organic methods and meet the national green food standards. Scientific cultivation guarantees local grapes are consistent in size and taste. A cluster of Shiquan grapes usually has 68 large grapes or 90 small grapes.

Many grape plantations are close to dairy farms and use cow manure as organic fertilizer. Jinshan's coastal climate and big difference in temperature between day and night are ideal for the growth of sweet, juicy table grapes.

Expanded growing area

Luxiang is one of China's top grape producers and has cultivated over 30 fine varieties, such as Jufeng, purple-black in color with a sweet-sour taste and a strawberry flavor; Gold Finger, green in color with a sweet milky taste; Xiahei, dark purple and seedless; and Zuijinxiang, large and juicy grapes.

Last year, Shiquan grape growing area expanded from Luxiang to 13 plantations in six nearby towns, including Tinglin, Zhujing, Langxia and Caojing. The appellation area increased to 105 hectares.

Grape growers are receiving training not only in cultivation techniques but also hospitality skills as their grape farms attract more and more people who come to pick and buy Shiquan grapes.

Each grape farm is required to sign an quality guarantee with the Jinshan Forestry Bureau and official inspectors will check their grapes for uniform packaging and delivery.

Dealers and buyers can simply scan the QR code on a box with their phones to find information about the grapes in seconds. They can track the entire process from production to distribution, should a box of grapes have a quality problem.

Shiquan grapes have won many top awards at city-level fruit contests since 2008 and the Shiquan Grape Garden in Luxiang was named a model farm in 2012. Last year Shiquan grape was listed as one of the "Famous Shanghai Trademarks."

Shiquan grapes have another advantage: longer harvest season. While ordinary grapes are available in the market from July to September, Shiquan grapes grown in plastic greenhouses can be harvested from June to December. A new breed called "Christmas Rose" is sold during Christmas time.

Shiquan grapes are distributed to Shanghai consumers through supermarkets operated by Bailian Group. People can also buy them from, and or through TV shopping channels.

Vineyards in Jinshan to pick Shiquan grapes

Shanghai Shiquan Grape Association (13 hectares)

Address: 4218-8, Baiyang Village, Luxiang Town

Tel: 136-1199-4915 (Lu Yujin)


Shanghai Yihao Grape Growing Center (7 hectares)

Address: 2115, Jinguang Village, Caojing Town

Tel: 133-0165-7580 (Yao Shilin)


Shanghai Jinyulan Grape Association (17 hectares)

Address: 5002, Team 4, Zhonghua Village, Langxia Town

Tel: 138-0193-3752 (Shen Daoming)


Shanghai Jinxiong Vegetables and Fruits Association (4 hectares)

Address: 4037 Hengzhao Village, Jinshanwei Town

Tel: 159-2193-1238 (Xu Junxiong)


Shanghai Youche Vegetables and Fruits Association (7 hectares)

Address: 4105 Youche Village, Tinglin Town

Tel: 189-1648-2082 (Qian Zhengji)


Shanghai Xiaowei Vegetables and Fruits Association (5 hectares)

Address: 2082 Dengqiao Road, Hutang Village, Caojing Town

Tel: 133-8193-3335 (Wei Huijun)