As mercury soars, all roads lead to Jinshan

Jun 3, 2016

Vessels along Jinshan's coastline

JINSHAN City Beach along the Hangzhou Bay has a host of activities lined up for visitors this summer, but entrance to the beach is no longer free. Wing Tan reports.

With the mercury on the up, it is time to look for a refreshing place to cool down, enjoy the sun, the sea and the sandy beach. Head on over to take in the sight of hot girls in bikinis, quaff a cold beer, catch some live music or sit back and enjoy the sea breeze.

The Jinshan City Beach along the Hangzhou Bay is charging for admission this year, a measure aimed to control the crowd.

Beachgoers will be charged between 10 yuan (US$1.61) and 50 yuan depending on when they go.

From June 20 to September 10, the entrance fee is 30 yuan per person Monday to Friday and 50 yuan on weekends and holidays. From September 11 to June 19 next year, it will be 10 yuan per person Monday to Friday and 20 yuan on weekends and holidays.

On June 20, two swimming areas in the east and west will be open. The eastern side will allow night swimming until 8:30pm, while the western area will be expanded by about 10,000 square meters.

There are 600 equipment available for shower (free), and 4,000 lockers (10 yuan per locker and 20-yuan deposit).

At the tourism center, wheelchairs, children's chairs, medical kits and sewing kits are provided.

A warning will go out when the visitors number top 22,000. Crowds will be restricted when the number hits 25,000.

The beach was free last year, attracting up to 38,000 people on peak days. But big crowds meant long queues in the scorching heat outside.

The beach has four exits at the Qijiadun, Mengshan, Xincheng and Dadi roads respectively. Drivers can park their cars at the parking lots near the Qijiadun Road Exit and the Suitanghe Road by the Dadi Road Exit.

A new parking lot located at the south of the Long'an Road E. is under construction, which is designed for about 1,500 cars. One third of this parking lot has been open since June 1.

Highlights this year include an international beer festival from June 1 to June 11 (4:30pm-8:30pm), sand sculptures and live music.

The beer festival has been a summer ritual on the beach every year. This summer, the beach party features international beer brands from Germany, the Britain, Holland, Belgium and Sweden, presenting almost 100 beers.

In addition, a food fete pushes the festival to its climax. Various barbeques, local snacks, soft drinks will be on offer. Most importantly, an 11-day-long crayfish feast is on the cards just to satisfy the picky gourmands.

After boozing and gulping down the delicacies, you can go for a brisk walk along the coastline and enjoy the sand sculptures done by the country's sand artists.

If you walk further along the beach, don't miss the Jinshanzui Village, a well-preserved 2,000-year-old fishing village that has been spruced up and now welcomes visitors with a bounty of seafood restaurants, authentic architecture and folk music.

The village offers various seafood restaurants and seafood lovers can eat their full on freshly caught crabs, clams, shrimp, yellow croakers and all kinds of fish, squid, seaweed and other animals.

It also features well-protected fishermen's houses that dates back to 100 years ago, a fishing cultural museum that showcases an array of old-time fishing gear, including various knives, fish rods, nets and an old loom, as well as boat equipment.

A model sampan, on a scale of 1:10, is also on display. This model is a perfect miniature reproduction, containing all fishing equipment, as well as oars and a compass. A real sampan could have a crew of 13 fishermen.

How to get there:

By car: Take the G50 or S4 highway. Take G15 (toward Ningbo). Get off at Tingwei Rd and then drive south to Huhang Rd. The beach is at the end of the road.

By bus: Take Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang Park; take the Shimei Bus Line (from the Meilong Bus Station to the Shihua Bus Station); then take Xiwei Bus Line to Jinshanzui; walk three minutes to the beach.

By train: With the Jinshan Railway now open, visitors have one more option. Get on the train at the Shanghai South Railway Station and get off at Jinshanwei Station, where you can rent a bike and cycle for about five minutes to the beach.