City beach a cool place to beat the heat

Aug 13, 2015

The second phase of Jinshan City Beach will open next week, providing a newsummer retreat for urbanites. — Zhuang Yi

THERE'S no place better to spend a hot summer's day than by the sea and Jinshan District's coastal stretch offers a pleasurable seaside experience.

As the summer heat approaches, so does a peak in Shanghai's beach tourism. Urban day-trippers can cool themselves by enjoying the sun, sand and seafood in this refreshing area.

This summer, the city beach in Jinshan is set to expand with the opening of its second phase, stretching from Jintao Road to Wei'er Road. Swimming season is from July 29 to September 15 and opening hours run from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Located on the northern edge of Hangzhou Bay, the beach is a favorite summer destination for the city's urban dwellers for its clean waters, golden sands and tidy coastal environment. It is also a venue for the World Beach Volleyball Tour as well beer and music festivals. In 2008, it was named a 4A National Scenic Spot.

The beach's management committee estimates that this summer visitor numbers will exceed last year with the opening of its second area of waterfront.
The newly-opened beach is designed to accommodate 8,000 people at any given time. When the number reaches 6,400, measures will be taken to limit entering visitors. People can get free-admission tickets at three entrances, at Xincheng, Lipu and Dadi roads. You can also book admission tickets on at least one day in advance.

Swimming rings are available for rent with a 20-yuan (US$3.2) deposit. Free showers are also available, but luggage storage fees start at 10 yuan.

To create a better sun-and-sand experience, beach managers have spared no efforts to prepare for incoming visitors.
A special team has been created — involving joint effort from the district's various government departments, including police, coast guard, construction and traffic committees, as well as officials from local quality inspection, civil affairs, environmental protection and urban management offices.

During the summer, an onshore patrol will inspect the beach and coastline from the early morning until midnight. One of their jobs is to stop swimmers from entering the no-swimming zone.
An electronic monitoring system has also been set up, so if an emergency occurs rescuers will be alerted immediately.

On weekends, free shuttle buses take visitors from the beach to the free parking lot. On weekdays, swimmers can take Jinshan Bus No.2 to the beach.