SRCB's Jinshan branch opens for business

Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank (SRCB) has reopened its Zhujing Town branch in Jinshan District, becoming the city's first bank to reopen during the lockdown.

Personal banking services, such as cash deposit and withdrawal, pension withdrawal, and money transfer, as well as some corporate banking services, are now available at the 518 Jinlongxin Street branch.

Xi, the head of a local liquefied gas supply station, was one of the earliest customers, depositing 200,000 yuan (US$29,560) to help with cash flow problems. The money had been used to pay for cylinders in the previous month.

"About 9,000 people are served by my station. It was critical to deposit the funds in order to support future purchases," he said.

Wang, a retired worker, came to get his pension.

"I don't know about online banking. Finally, having cash in my hands made me feel secure," he said.

The bank claimed that customers do not need to worry about cash withdrawals because the bank has activated a green channel to assure smooth cash delivery throughout the lockdown. Every corner of the bank has been disinfected, including the cash. The employees are staying in the bank under the looped-hole management.

The district government has prioritized the reopening of more banks.