Man to donate stem cells to British child

Jan 6, 2015

A LOCAL man will travel to Beijing on Thursday to donate stem cells that might save the life of a 7-year-old British boy suffering from leukemia. Jiang Yongfeng, 35, will be the 11th person from Shanghai to donate...

Life in a fishing village recalled via painting

Oct 11, 2014

Yang Huogen has become something of a celebrity in his village in Jinshan District. The 71-year-

Public can pick popular, plump peento peaches

Jul 31, 2014

THE peaches in Jinshan District are ripe and ready for being plucked. The annual Peento Peach Festival is under way in the district's Luxiang Town, running through the middle August.

'Peach of immortality' in Chinese mythology

Jul 31, 2014

IN Chinese mythology, peento peaches were considered the "peach of immortality," grown by the Heavenly Queen Mother. Today they are symbols of longevity and prosperity. Chinese people may eat peach-shaped dumplings on their birthday.

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