Peasants' paintings celebrate Expo

Mar 11, 2010

A colorful exhibition of paintings by Jinshan peasants was launched in Fengjin Town of the southwestern district on Wednesday. The display is part of moves to welcome Shanghai World Expo due top open in May with the...

Industry hub set up in Jinshan

Mar 11, 2010

Sixteen biology and medicine companies and six food giants have settled in Jinshan Industrial Park, making it an industry hub in Shanghai. Shanghai Baxter Medical Co kicked off its production base with an investment...

IT platform expanded in Jinshan

Mar 9, 2010

IT technology services including online video conferencing are available at 100 villages in Jinshan District. With the platform, farmers can talk with agriculture experts online, get farm product information and order...

Jinshan celebrates Women's Day

Mar 9, 2010

Three women in Jinshan District received awards for their outstanding contribution on Wednesday. He E, Peng Yafang and Tang Xiufang received commemorate cups at the "Love-Jinshan" ceremony, which was part of celebration...

Jinshan sets up healthcare zone

Mar 5, 2010

Jinshan District signed a contract with a medical equipment group to develop a healthcare industrial zone in the district.

Sports meeting held in Jinshan

Mar 5, 2010

Jinshan District held a sports meeting with participants from all walks of life on February 25.