Jinshan builds farm food culture

Feb 21, 2010

In the recent fourth Jinshan Food Festival, 30 local farmers' specialty dishes were named "Expo Featured Food." To provide better services during the six-month Expo, Jinshan District also introduced "New Eight Special...

Farmers and tourists enjoy handicraft arts in Jinshan

Feb 21, 2010

Artistic farmers and visitors took part in Chinese traditional handicraft activities on February 17 in Fengjing Town, Jinshan District. Farmers demonstrated their "peasant Picassos" depicting rural life. Paper-cut...

Jinshan brings happiness with Lunar New Year's culture

Feb 21, 2010

Cultural activities celebrating the Lunar New Year were held in Seaside Park, Jinshan District, on February 17. Singing and dancing by grassroots performers drew crowds. Visitors also solved riddles, threw darts and...

Jinshan Spring Festival programs entertain visitors

Feb 21, 2010

During the Spring Festival holiday, many people thronged to traditional Lunar New Year activities in Jinshan District. On New Year's Eve, visitors welcomed the arrival of the Year of the Tiger as they listened to...

Industrial output surges

Feb 11, 2010

Industrial output rose nearly a third in January over the same period last year in Jinshan District. Total industrial output was 8.3 billion yuan (US$1.21 billion), a 32.5 percent jump over the same period last year.

Jinshan helps needy with jobs

Feb 11, 2010

More than 1,000 jobs were offered to needy people in Jinshan District on Friday. It is part of national program to help rural, disabled and low-income families. More than 10,000 posts were provided on the same day...