Jinshan residents receive COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

Nov 26, 2021

A total of 164,400 residents in Jinshan have received booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine after Shanghai started offering the third additional dose for free from November 1. Before the vaccination, recipients are...

Passage ensures safe railway crossing for Jinshan residents

Nov 25, 2021

Around 30,000 people in the north of a railway line find it safer and more convenient to cross the line as a new passage of Jinshan Railway has been put into use. Earlier, it took residents and passers-by at least...

Construction of LEGOLAND theme park begins in Jinshan

Nov 18, 2021

Construction work began on LEGOLAND Shanghai Resort in Jinshan District early on Wednesday. During the groundbreaking ceremony, a giant LEGO brick statue was unveiled as a symbolic gesture of "First Building Block."...

Ginkgo trees blanket areas of the city with a golden autumn hue

Nov 18, 2021

An enchanting colorful world is unfolding and it's the prime time to capture the delights and colors of autumn in Shanghai. Some ginkgo trees have changed colors. The golden canopies above people's heads can be...

Wild water ferns discovered in Fengjing Town

Nov 16, 2021

Wild water ferns have been discovered at an ecological corridor in Fengjing Town of Jinshan District, the Shanghai Forestry General Station announced yesterday. A total of 200-plus wild water fern plants was discovered...

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