Jinshan No.1 Experimental Primary School

Address: No.118 Puyuan Road, Zhujing Town

The school has its advantages in teaching art, culture, science and technology and foreign language. It focuses on developing school culture and organizing team activities. The school sticks to the idea "to lead each...

Yangguangcheng Kindergarten

Address: Building No.15, Lane No.1090, Mengshan Road, Shihua Community, Jinshan District

Telephone: (021) 6724 4904

Experimental Kindergarten

Address: Building No.8, Lane No.38, Weiqing Road W., Shihua Community, Jinshan District

Telephone: (021) 3369 9162

Art Kindergarten

Address: No.655 Tongkai Road/ No.39 Haitang Street, Shihua Community Jinshan District

Telephone: (021) 3369 6506

Dongfeng Kindergarten

Address: No.636, Lincang Street, Zhujing Town, Jinshan District

Telephone: (021) 5731 7315

Luoxing Kindergarten

Address: No.80 Xin'an Street, Zhujing Town, Jinshan District

Telephone: (021) 5731 1648

Jinshan Primary School

Address: 720 Longxuan Rd, Jinshan District

Located in the "Education Park" at the intersection of Weinan Road and Longxuan Road in Jinshan District, Shanghai Jinshan Primary School has a campus area of 30,000 square meters, 12,700 square meters of built-up...

Jinshan High School

Address: Zhongyi Street, Chengnan New Area, Zhujing Town

The school shows a good combination of Chinese and Western styles. It boasts a tranquil and academic environment and first-class facilities. The school currently has 48 classrooms capable of seating 2,400 students....

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