Love under Blue Sky campaign receives big donations

Pigeons from Jinshan hatched in Yunnan

等线The first batch of pigeons from Jinshan District are ready to hit the market in southwest China's Yunnan Province under the guidance of technicians from the suburban district. On October 17, 2021, Jingdong County...

Jinshan intangible cultural heritages on display at Xuhui shopping center

Jinshan Party Secretary Liu vows to serve the people


Jinshan releases tourism logo at farmers' exhibit

An exhibition of farmers' paintings opened at City Beach in Jinshan District on Friday, with 150 painting works collected nationwide. The exhibition will run through October 27. The beautiful pictures record the...

'Farmer Picasso' who harvested world renown

Cao Xiuwen, a woman in her 60s, scrolls out her latest painting capturing the highlights of the nearby Fengjing ancient town, as another piece depicting a young girl who picks herbs hangs behind. Cao's most famous...



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Hello! How can I get to Jinshan Beach from downtown Shanghai?


You will have to take Jinshan Community Bus No.6, get off at Jinshan Bus Station, change for another...

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