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The activities range from food and shopping to travel. Tourists can visit famous scenic spots such as Fengjing Old Town and Donglin Temple while tasting delicious seafood and local specialties.


Jinshan attracts visitors with new train line and tourism festival

2012 Jinshan Tourism Festival opening on September 22 will present a series of activities for visitors until the end of the eight-day holidays on October 7. The holiday includes Mid-Autumn Festival on September 30 and National Day Holiday from October 1 to 7.

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Jinshan Seafood Festival

Date: through October 6

Jinshanzui Fishing Village in Shanyang Town has prepared a series of activities for visitors, including a fishing equipment exhibition – not to mention the abundance of fresh seafood.

A fishery museum has opened to the public free of charge in the village. It is expected to become a tourist attraction in Jinshan, a coastal district south of Shanghai that is famous for seafood served in local restaurants.

Jinshan Shopping Festival

Date: through October 10

Shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels in Jinshan District all participated in the festival.

The event is part of this year’s Shanghai Shopping Festival that involves more than 2,000 retailers citywide. It will run through October 10.

A total of 20,000 retail outlets will hold various promotional activities to boost sales during the shopping festival.

Shanghai Jinshan International Music and Fireworks Night

The large fireworks show will be staged at City Beach in Jinshan District in October. Visitors will be able to watch fireworks while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

This will be the second fireworks show at City Beach. The district prepared a large and unforgettable firework show at the same spot on New Year’s Eve.

Dating train on Metro Line 22

A dating carriage will be set up on Metro Line 22 for love-seekers. White-collar workers can take the train to Jinshan and have a romantic tour by making friends on the district’s beach.

Langxia Village Barbecue Festival

Date: October 1 to 7

The barbecue festival will be held during Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday. Visitors can watch spectacular dancing and singing, join a beer-drinking contest and colorful games. All the food, fruit, chicken, duck and fish are locally sourced and organic.

In the village, visitors can also pick up fruits, make rice by themselves and participate in other farming activities.

Donglin Temple Lantern Festival

Date: through October 6

A colorful lantern festival will be held at Donglin Temple, which has recently been named a 4A tourist attraction. It thus becomes the third 4A tourist attraction in Jinshan and the first Buddhist temple in Shanghai to be awarded the grading – the second highest rating given by the National Tourism Administration.

Built in 1308, the Donglin Temple has been destroyed and rebuilt repeatedly. In 1987 the only original hall in the temple was listed a cultural heritage under the protection of the city government.

It has a huge copper gate, 20 meters high and 10.3 meters wide, engraved with 999 Buddha icons. It is called the No. 1 temple gate in China. The temple also has a 5.4-meter-high cloisonne statue of Buddha.

Visitors can also taste vegetarian food at the temple.

Fengjing Old Town

Date: September 26

The annual water-town wedding ceremony will be held at Fengjing Old Town on September 26. The newlywed couples in traditional attire will take a double-decker bus along Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road in downtown Shanghai, and a large scale wedding banquet will be held for them on a yacht on Huangpu River.

A popular dating program of STV will broadcast the wedding.

Chinese peasants’ painting exhibition

Date: through September 30

The exhibition will be held at Jinshan Peasants’ Painting Institute, where farmer painters from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai will exhibit their works.

An 18 meter long, 0.8 meter high painting has been created by Huai Mingfu from Jinshan District. It is decorated with 1,095 people, 420 animals and numerous plants and architectures.

The painting also features all the main tourist attractions, famous food and fruit from the area.