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Visitors to the Jinshan Beach Music Fireworks Festival can watch the biggest fireworks display ever in Shanghai.


Jinshan Beach Music Fireworks Festival

Firework shells about 30 to 40 centimeters long will be fired into the sky over the Jinshan City Beach November 3.
As the fireworks will explode some 1,600 meters away from the viewing area, it is a perfect viewing distance and very safe for spectators...

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Fireworks festival takes place on City Beach

Oct 29, 2012

Fireworks exploded in the sky over the Jinshan City Beach last night, marking the start of the Jinshan International Fireworks Festival.

About 6,000 firework shells were launched into the sky in a 40-minute extravaganza. The next show will be on November 3 ... (more)

Brand-new public bikes for rent

Oct 11, 2012

Shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels in Jinshan District all participated in the festival.The event is part of this year’s Shanghai Shopping Festival that involves more than 2,000 retailers citywide. It will run through October 10.

A total of 20,000 retail outlets will hold various promotional ... (more)

36 trains from Shanghai downtown to Jinshan District

Thirty six bullet trains have been put into service from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jinshan District to meet the growing demand of travelers to the seaside retreat.

A non-stop train takes only 30 minutes to reach the destination while a regular train needs about 60 minutes to cover the distance as it stops at each of the nine stations on route ... (more)