Bus lines to Pinghu and Jiashan to resume

Mar 26, 2020

The bus lines between Jinshan District and Pinghu City as well as Jiashan County in neighboring Zhejiang Province will resume operation from Friday following the city government's decision to downgrade its emergency response toward the novel coronavirus outbreak to level II.

The bus routes between Jinshan and Pinghu include: Langxia No. 2 Bus commuting between Langxia Wet Market of Jinshan and South Santang Village of Pinghu; Pinghu No. 207 Bus from the Pinghu Public Transport Center to Langxia Peasant's Home-stay; Pinghu No. 315 Bus from Xincang Public Transport Station in Pinghu to the Langxia Clinic Center in Jinshan; Pinghu No. 317 Bus from Xingwang Station of Pinghu to Lvqing Highway of Jinshan; and Pinghu No. 319 Bus from Xindai of Pinghu to North Jinshan High-speed Railway Station.

The bus routes between Jinshan and Jiashan include: Jiashan No. 328 Bus commuting from Yaozhuang Bus Station to the Fengjing Public Transport Hub.