Investment environment

1. Jinshan District has an excellent transport network. Jinshan is a gateway to the southwest of Shanghai and at the center of the dynamic Yangtze River Delta region. Jinshan is about 50 kilometers away from downtown Shanghai, the Yangshan Deep-Water Port, Pudong and Hongqiao International Airport and is about 33 km from Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Shenhai Expressway, Xinwei Expressway and Tingfeng Expressway run through the district, which forms a network in the shape of "four vertical and three horizontal" routes. With the completion of Jinshan railway and Shanghai-Hangzhou inter-city express railway, it only takes about half an hour to reach the downtown city from Jinshan, and Jinshan is speeding up its position as the two-hour transport hub of Yangtze River Delta.

2. Jinshan District has a deep historical and cultural heritage. Its land mass was formed as early as 6,000 years ago with famous Liangzhu and Majiabang cultural relics found in the area. All three ancient towns of Fengjing, Jinshanwei, and Zhujing have at least 800 years of history. Among them, Fengjing Town was named "China's renowned historical and cultural town." Jinshan District is rich in cultural resources and has many celebrities in culture, including the contemporary painter Cheng Shifa, cartoonist Ding Cong, and Go chess master Gu Shuiru. Jinshan has also been named as the "modern Chinese folk painting village" and the "town of stories." "Chinese peasant painting village" was formally unveiled at Zhonghong Village in Fengjing Town recently. Peasant painters from Shaanxi, Yunnan, Qinghai and other places across the country settled in the painting village, thus Jinshan District has become an important hub of Chinese folk culture.

3. Jinshan enjoys a pleasant environment and pretty scenery. Jinshan is one of the top ten greenery cities in the nation, a National Garden City and sanitation district in Shanghai. Jinshan has 23.3 kilometers of coastline with nice beaches. Large and Small Jinshan Island and the three Fushan Islands are like pearls inlaid in the blue water. Together with a world-class beach volleyball venue, the landscape corridor, city beach, swimming beach and a commercial street have become an ideal place to enjoy sea views, quality seafood, and to have fun. The World Beach Volleyball Tournament is held on the beach in Jinshan every year. The City Beach, Donglin Temple in Zhujing Town, Fengjing Town, and the agriculture tour of Langxia Town make Jinshan an important tourism and leisure destination.

4. Jinshan District has a strong industrial base, being a major petrochemical industry base in Shanghai. Shanghai Petrochemical Co, the largest modern petrochemical enterprise, and Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, the largest chemical zone in the Far East, are in Jinshan District. The main industrial parks in the district include Jinshan Industrial Zone, Jinshan No. 2 Industrial Zone, the Logistics Park of Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, Fengjing Industrial Park and Zhujing Industrial Park. They provide excellent infrastructure for enterprises with a high starting point and excellent supporting facilities. Bio-medicine, machinery and electronics, modern textiles, automobiles and parts and other key industries speed up their development in Jinshan. In 2012 the district achieved GDP of 46.7 billion yuan, a total industrial output value of133.9 billion yuan and fiscal revenue of 20.5 billion yuan. The district is the most important manufacturing base in southwest Shanghai with annual industrial investment of more than 10 billion yuan in the past nine years.

5. Jinshan District provides an ideal development environment for entrepreneurs. The Jinshan Party Committee and district government is devoted to providing an excellent environment for them. Fair treatment to all enterprises is our policy. High-tech, tertiary industry and agricultural industry are encouraged in the district. Jinshan fully supports key industries to speed up development and vigorously welcomes enterprises that conform to the industrial plan, and those with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. Jinshan makes every effort to promote branded, scale enterprises to become bigger and stronger, to encourage small and medium enterprises to restructure and list on the stock market. Jinshan strives to provide an excellent investment environment to all investors. Jinshan will give special support for enterprises with municipal-level or above famous-brand products, national or municipal quality prizes, and large enterprises with their management centers, R&D centers, marketing centers, or settlement centers to settle in Jinshan District.